What our Clients Say


barneyMy friends say to me that if they come back re-incarnated, they would like to be my dog, Barney. So, you can gather that I would not entrust his holiday care to anyone not of the very highest standard. 


Beds for Tails is that ‘home away from home’ place that meets my criteria. He has been welcomed at Beds for Tails for a number of years, and, as such, I know that he will be in a loving and caring environment for the duration of any of his stays, whether it is a long weekend or an extended 3-4 week stay.  I know that he will receive yummy and nutritious meals and snacks, verbal interaction with Angelina and Steve, playtime when he is reunited with doggy ‘mates’, cuddle time with Angelina, and exploring time when taken for walks around the property. 


Meticulous notes are taken when Barney is dropped off; medications, confirmation of his vet, contact numbers, diet needs, grooming needs; anything you want to communicate is not too insignificant for Steve to record. I appreciate the design of what I call the ‘6 Star Doggy Hotel’, as it affords Barney the choice of indoor or outdoor play/snooze.  I also appreciate that there is a small, limited number of guests, thus insuring more personal care. 


I guess it boils down to the fact that Barney is always happy and healthy, energetic, bright eyed, and beautifully groomed when I pick him up.
Cheri Jackson